Bio Notes 

M.F.A. Bowling Green State University, 1979, Phi Kappa Phi.
M.A. Colorado State University, 1977, Phi Kappa Phi.
B.A. University of Cincinnati, 1976, summa cum laude.
Earlham College, 1967-1970.


I was born in 1949 in Detroit and grew up in a number of places, but primarily in small towns in northwestern Ohio, like Maumee, for example, where I graduated from high school.

I met the poet, James Bertolino, at the University of Cincinnati during the early seventies, and we became friends.  His work and critical influence have always played an important role in my development as a writer.  Other contemporary writers who have helped and influenced me along the way include my friends Bill Tremblay, Christopher Howell, Howard McCord, Carlos Reyes, Adam Hammer, Yusef Koumenyakka, Anselm Parletore, and Dallas Weibe. Other writers of influence include William Carlos Williams, Bill Knott, William Stafford, Thomas Johnson, James Wright, Robert Bly, Philip Levine, and Jack Gilbert . Finally, reading the traditional Chinese poets in translation helped me think about what makes a poem.
Early on, I finished a couple of Master’s programs in English and Creative Writing, and followed them up with a brief teaching career.  I left full-time teaching at the University of Cincinnati in the early 80’s and went to work in corporate America.  Later, I found work at the Medical College of Ohio as special asst. to the vice president of Governmental Affairs.  I left the Medical College to join a start-up operation at the Jobst Vascular Center as manager of the research and education programs for Dr. Hugh G. Beebe, MD.   Following a trail of electronic curiosities led me to several positions at The Toledo Hospital and Promedica Health System, where, along with a wonderful group of people, I provided support for a large and very integrated medical database for patient care.  Along the way I continued to write and publish my poetry and helped raise two very kind and talented children, Peter and Samantha.  I have been married to my supportive spouse,Cassie, since 1974.   

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